You are Beautiful. But that's no reason to leave your CHI or HAI alone and broken in a dark bathroom drawer. Throw it away? You would never. So here is your chance to give it another long life of whipping your hair into shape day in and day out. Your Flat Iron has worked hard for you. This is your chance to end the agony of working hard without it. Fix your straightener. Save your hair.

We have been in the electronic repair business since 1945. That is three generations of making sure the products people need in their daily lives continue to function how they need them to.

Having started and successfully maintained many small businesses in the Ruston, Louisiana area, we have always had the ability to spot a need we can fill. Ladies, we have seen your struggle. A sufficient Flat Iron can cost up to $150, and in today's economy purchasing a new Flat Iron is out of the question. If you're living with a broken Straightener and struggling with frizzy hair, borrowing blues, or making an inadequate Flat Iron work, then we have you covered. Send it our way and we will send it back to you in beautiful, working order.


We offer Flat Iron Repairs at a flat rate of $40 (plus $6 for return shipping) with a guarantee fix for 30 days. If, for any reason, your Flat Iron is inoperable within that 30 days we will repair your Flat Iron again for free.

We will repair any CHI or HAI Flat Iron you have the need for repairing and can handle almost any type of damage your Flat Iron has suffered through. Our Flat Iron Repair services include but are not limited to:

Not all flat irons can be repaired. We will contact you if your iron is unrepairable.

Your hair is important to us.


Send your damaged Flat Iron and a $46 check or money order to:

2488 Highway 33
Ruston, LA 71270

Of course, if PayPal is more your style

Please include the following with your Flat iron:

The estimated cost of shipping for you will be around $8 and the cost of return shipping is $6. As soon as we receive your dysfunctional Flat Iron, we will begin diagnostics and repair. If your Flat Iron is in total disarray and will take more than three days to repair, we will give you a courtesy call so that you may make arrangements for it's absence. After we have returned it to complete working order we will send it back to you.


For questions, comments, or checking in on a Flat Iron you have previously sent to us

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